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Flip Up 2.5X dental loupes surgical loupes Titanium frames

Item No.: F-Ti-2.5x
best quality dental loupes surgical loupes 2.5X with titanium frames
Product parameters
working distance: 340mm/420mm/500mm/550mm
pupil distance: can be adjustable
Frames Color: Black/Silver
Can be Mounted Rx Lens: Yes
Description Technical Data online shop link

High quality dental loupes surgical loupes 2.5X,Flip Up Style, Ni-alloy (regular metal fames) 2.5x magnification with different working distance,view angle adjustable,  pupil distance adjustable.

 The bnocualrs magnifying loupes is widely used in dentistry, Department of Stomatology, ENT department, general surgery, cervical spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospital and other medical fields. surgical binocualrs loupe is a necessary tool for the fine examination and treatment,that will be more better and helpful  with LED headlamp.               dental loupes surgical loupes Titanium frames

Flip up dental loupes surgical loupes Ni-alloy frames 

Note: Ni-alloy Frames can be mounted Prescription lens (RX lens ). 

Packing includes (accessory)
- Dental surgical loupes
- Leuxary Al case packing
- Flip-Up paddle
- Headband strap
- Cleaning Cloth
- Screwdriver
- Clear protective lens cover
- Side shields

2.5 x is the most popular model. It offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus. It has excellent clear view and great optical capability to provide the operator with the optimal magnification while providing extended field of view

Ni-alloy frames is strong and good designing. the weight is a little higher than Sports frames and Titanium frames

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                               flip up dental loupes surgical loupes Ni-alloy frames with headlights H60

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careoptical galilean dental loupes surgical loupes data
Flip Up Galilean Dental Surgical Loupes 

Flip Up Galilean Dental Surgical Loupes  + LED Headlight 


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