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Portable dental lamp surgical light YH-002

Item No.: H-yh-002
superb high quality dental headlights surgical headlights dental surgical illumination, It can be used in dental ,surgical,medical fields, hlpe doctor to get more clear image.
Product parameters
light style: Portable (with universal clips)
Buble Vlots: 2 W
Light Spot Size: can
Brightness Ajustable: adjustable
Battery Continue Working Time: 5-7 H
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the light weight is lighter designing, small size. the brightness is adjustable. the psot size is edge-to edge. this kind of LED headlight is also good quality and Ecnomic style. it can be attached on our Flip Up style loupes and TTL style loupes. and the price is lower than other style.

Smallest size, lighter weight, brightest illumination, longest operating time. Easy Light Vario has reformed all the LED portable headlights. Easy Light Vario uses a professional patented optic lens and thermal management technology that produces amazing brightness and provides superior quality and reliability. Easy Light Vario offers exceptional innovation, style and value in magnification and illumination. Easy Light Vario offers modular solutions for optics, frames and portable LEDs to satisfy the needs in the dental and medical marketplace.

LED Headlight

power of bubl: 2W

Light head housing material Special Aluminum
Light head size Diameter 20mm, length 35 mm
Light head weight 14g
Light source 2.65w Light Emitting Diode (LED)
LED color temperature 6,000K (CRT) purely white light
LED operating life 10,000 hours (estimated life, dependent on intensity used)
Highest illumination intensity full variable intensity control 
Up to 23,000-30,000Lux@feet 

Battery and battery  Pack

Battery pack housing material Special Aluminum 
Battery pack weight 90g (including battery)
Battery pack dimensions 85mm X 60mm X 13mm
Battery type 7.4V, 1400mAh, advanced rechargeable polymer Li-Ion cells
Charge time approximately 2 hours for a full charge. LED can be used while charging
Battery life up to 500 charge/discharge cycles (Approximately 2 years)
Consistent Output regulated power supply
High battery output efficiency >90 , professional driver control chip
Battery run time at full load of first level is approximately 7-10 hours, 

Battery adapter Input: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz, output: 8.6 VDC 1000mA

With our Dental LED Headlight, you'll experience enough brightness, shadow-free, long-lasting illumination with unrestricted mobility that enables you to work with precision while enjoying complete comfort, and improves overall ergonomics .
Our led dental headlight's high edge-to-edge clarity, pure white beam to aid in dental color matching techniques, and hands-free operation, let you focus on your procedures, and allows you to go from patient to patient, without being tied down. While the powerful yet lightweight Lithium-Polymer battery system (only OEM for Japanese brand) provides working hours of uninterrupted user several dentists use it continuously in the whole of working day.Super high quality dental headlight

Packing includes(accessory)

- LED Headlight

- Battery Pack

- Battery Adapter with wall plug

- Accessory Kit

- User manual

- clips parts

-portable carry case





LED headlight YH-002 can be attached on our Flip Up Loupes and TTL loupes