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semi-finished CR-39 Polarzied Sunglass lens

Item No.: Semi-P-CR
super qualty polarized sun lens,UV400,Polarzied lens, tinted color CR-39 lens, diffferent color and base,semi-finished polarzieed CR-39  lens can be made to optical lens
Description How to order polarized CR-39 lens
Semi-finished Polarized CR-39 Lens Dia: 75mm Center thickness 9-13mm
color: Gray / Brown / Green (G15)
Base: 200B/400B/500B/600B/800B
(Base 800 is special designing, optical center decentralized designing)

when you order, please declare the base you need, A minimum order quantity 100 pairs required, mixed-based items are acceptable,shipping charge is free.
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there are different base as below:

Polarizing lens is the only lens type that actually can reduce glare from an excessively bright point relative to other objects in the visual field if the bright point is caused by a reflection of light from the sun. Polycore's SunClear Polarized lens line has the best "Color" of all others on the marketplace. The richness and true colors such as the Gray, have been reported to be better than leaders in the industry.

 Maximum protection:
•All our Polarized lenses ensure 100% UV 400nm cut-off, ensuring maximum
protection against the most damaging UV light.
•For extra protection, our Polarized lenses are available with blue-blocking/melanin technology to shield against high-energy visible light
(380nm - 500nm)
Semi visible markings:
•Easy identification of axis
•For semi-finished single vision: semi-visible marking indented to make the effective diameter larger to accommodate large frames.
It also serves as an easy reference during lens blocking.
Stringent quality control:
• Our Polarized lenses have been engineered to meet and exceed the most rigorous delamination testing.
• Colour is checked 100% of the time to ensure narrow deviation between manufacturing batches and shipments.
• Meets and exceeds impact standards and impact-resistant regulations
• Foil position is measured 100% of the time, ensuring strict adherence to our specs.
Optional treatments:
• Backside AR-coated
• Frontside super hydrophobic coated
• Mirror coated (customized colors available)



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