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semi-finished MR-8 Polarzied Sunglass lens

Item No.: Semi-Mr-8-p
super qualty polarized sun lens,UV400,Polarzied lens, tinted color MR-8 lens, diffferent color and base,semi-finished polarzieed MR-8 ens can be made to optical lens
Description How to order polarized CR-39 lens
 Semi-finished Polarized MR-8 Lens Dia: 75mm Cener thickness 10mm N=1.60

color: Gray / Brown / Green (G15)
Base: 200/400/500/600/800
(Base 800 is special designing, optical center decentralized designing)

when you order, please declare the base you need, The minimum order quanity 100 pairs required, mixed-based items are acceptable,shipping charge is free.

there are different bases as below:


1.60 Index MR-8 Lenses
1.60 Index MR-8 Lenses   MR = Mitsui Resin (Misui Chemical Company)
Excellent optical materials with high refractive index, high Abbe number, low specific gravity and high impact resistance are provided by polymerizing monomers of MR™ Series. MR™ Series is especially suitable for ophthalmic lenses and is known as the first thiourethane-based high-index lens material. MR™ Series offers a variety of products to provide the best solution for optical lens users.

The best balanced high index lens material with the largest share of the R.I. 1.60 lens material market.
MR-8™ is suited to any strength ophthalmic lens and is a new standard in ophthalmic lens material.
Comparison of physical properties of lenses made with MR™ Series vs. other optical materials
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